Kruz Bike Company Shopify store

Kruz Bike CompanyShopify store

The team of Kruz Bike Company, a seller of customized urban bikes, wanted to offer their customers the possibility to calculate Cofidis trade credit in their Shopify store, and they entrusted us with the integration.

Cofidis Integration

The Cofidis online credit calculator, built into the store's Product and Cart page, quickly calculates the amount of credit customers can claim as a loan for their purchases. Among the payment options, they can easily select their Cofidis solution on the Checkout page. Finally, on the Thank you page, they can easily access the Cofidis system to formally submit their loan application.


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GIGI Laboratories Shopify store

GIGI LaboratoriesShopify store

GIGI Laboratories, a decades-old manufacturer and distributor of professional cosmetic products, wanted a highly automated and manageable online store to operate a wholesale network in Germany. While creating their Shopify store, our teamset up an ERP-based product and order management for the business. Furthermore, we added a solution for them to show prices only for logged in and approved partners and allow it only for them to purchase.

Buiding a new store

We created GIGI Laboratories' Shopify store in German language.

Data migration

The data was migrated to the new Shopify store from another online store.

Custom template

Based on the chosen Shopify template, we created a clean design that fits the brand.

Product and order management

Based on an ERP system, we automatized the processes related to product and order management.

Visiblity of prices, partner access

Only those customers can see prices and are allowed to purchase products who are logged in and accepted as partners.


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Rosalie & Donell Shopify store

Rosalie & DonellShopify store

Rosalie & Donell, a seller of premium quality strollers and matching modern accessories, asked our team to help them build their Shopify store. We customized the design of their online store to meet our client's needs, as well as creating custom product pages and setting up dynamic content display.

Dynamic Content Display

The content and look of the online store can be modified dynamically, allowing quick and easy changes to be made.

Personalized design

Based on the design request of our client, we have created their online store that faithfully reflects the Rosalie & Donell brand.

Custom Product Page

In order to provide customers with all the information needed, we have created comprehensive product pages with a unique design.


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Geek & Gorgeous Shopify store

Geek & GorgeousShopify Plus store

The Hungarian brand Geek & Gorgeous, which promotes conscious skincare both in the local and international market, requested to build an American online store. Based on their European online store, we developed a unique product page, uploaded products in bulk and set up the redirection of the domains between the two Shopify stores.

Buiding a new store

We built a new, US online store for Geek & Gorgeous, based on their EU Shopify store.

Custom Product Page

We created individual product pages based on the unique product information provided.

Domain Redirect

We completed the domain redirection between the European and the American online store.

Product Upload

Following our client’s request, we carried out the upload of product data.

Instagram Feed Generation

We integrated the feed of the Geek & Gorgeous Instagram page into the Shopify webstore.


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Sugarbird Shopify Plus store

SugarbirdShopify Plus store

The team of Sugarbird, a premium women's fashion brand with a significant international presence, wanted to take their online presence to the next level. In addition to the WordPress-Shopify migration, we also carried out the synchronization of products, the automation of various processes, the creation of several Shopify Plus webstores in different languages and the development of a unique country and language selection function.

WordPress migration

We moved the existing WordPress store to the Shopify platform due to instability.

Product Synchronization

We have completed the synchronization of stock data between the physical and online stores.

Data migration

Following the request of our customer, we also migrated the user and order data to the Shopify Plus store.


We have automated the checkout process and cash on delivery management for ease of use.

Shopify Plus Store

We have created more Shopify Plus stores. One in English, and one in Hungarian for Sugarbird.

Country and Language selector

We have developed a custom country and language selector interface that makes the conversion between Shopify stores both automatic and optional.


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TetőSipos Shopify store

TetőSiposShopify store

The team at TetőSipos, a company that sells a wide range of roofing materials, accessories and tin products, approached our team to revamp, rebuild their Shopify store and create custom pages. We also made settings for them to show net prices on the product pages.

Mester TetőSipos

Revamping the store

Based on our client's requests, we revamped and rebuilt their existing Shopify store.

Unique pages

We created custom pages for our client like partner- and manufacturer pages.

Net price

We have displayed the net price of the products on the product pages of store.


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BauReihe Clothing Shopify store

BauReihe ClothingShopify store

From train lovers for train lovers. The creator of BauReihe Clothing has created a youthful, modern clothing online store focusing on German-style railway models. Our team was asked to help with the customisation of the design template, to upload products and automate various processes such as invoicing.


Custom template

We customized the design template for the Shopify store through our developments.

Product Upload

We have uploaded products to the online store based on our clients' requests.


We automated processes in the Shopify store, including invoicing.

BauReihe Clothing
BauReihe Clothing

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Yes Superfood Shopify store

Yes SuperfoodShopify store

Yes Superfood, as the name suggests, offers vibrant superfood powders and supplements that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. For their team, we implemented a WordPress-Shopify migration, Foxpost and Packeta integration, and we translated the Shopify storefront into multiple languages, among other things. More exciting details below!

Yes Superfood

WordPress migration

We migrated the existing WordPress store to Shopify for our client.


We translated the English website into Hungarian and German.

Foxpost, Packeta integration

Foxpost and Packeta is available in Hungary now, and we automated the checkout process and cash on delivery.

Unique product description

We developed a unique product description and design for the Shopify store.

Unique pages

We created a custom page based on the product ingredients, and we visualised the effects of the superfood products.

Blog migration

We migrated our client's existing WordPress-based blog to Shopify.

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Awaken Shopify store

AwakenShopify store

Awaken, one of Hungary's first online store offering specialty roasted coffees, capsules, tools, approached our team with a request to expand the shipping offers of their existing Shopify store, enable the subscription system as they had envisioned, and manage the tax setup, among many other things. More exciting details below!

Shipping settings

GLS parcel point and Foxpost parcel machine setup for domestic delivery only. International delivery to your door; individual pricing per country.

Order with subscription

We have made it possible to order products by subscription, with delivery every 2-4 weeks.

Set up Stripe, Billingo

We have st up Stripe and Billingo within their Shopify store to facilitate invoicing and payments.

Mobile and PC view

We customized the online store and tailored it to the customer's needs on mobile and PC.


We translated the English Shopify store into Hungarian to make it available in multiple languages.

Tax settings

We have implemented a tax number request in the online store by entering tax settings.

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PC Aréna Shopify store

PC ArénaShopify store

The team at PC Aréna, a company that sells used premium computers and laptops, approached us to customize their Shopify store and add extra features. Building the Cetelem credit calculator into their online store, customizing the comparison page, and data migration are just a few of the enhancements we have completed. More exciting details below!


Cetelem credit calculator

We have integrated the Cetelem credit calculator into the Shopify online store by making the appropriate settings.

Comparison site

We set up a comparison page in the Shopify store and customized it according to your needs.

Data migration

We have completed the migration of the Blog and FAQ pages as requested by the client.

Product Upload

We've done bulk product uploads, set up custom filters, and built product and specification pages by category.


Order confirmation page, customize confirmation emails and display additional custom content.

Customizing products

We customized the products according to our client's request and provided them with the possibility of expansion.

Product updates

Upload new products and automatically update them based on price and stock from the received, constantly updating product datafeed file.

"Árukereső" feed

According to our client's request, we generate the "Árukereső" feed with the new products.

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