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Yes SuperfoodShopify store

Yes Superfood, as the name suggests, offers vibrant superfood powders and supplements that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. For their team, we implemented a WordPress-Shopify migration, Foxpost and Packeta integration, and we translated the Shopify storefront into multiple languages, among other things. More exciting details below!

Yes Superfood

WordPress migration

We migrated the existing WordPress store to Shopify for our client.


We translated the English website into Hungarian and German.

Foxpost, Packeta integration

Foxpost and Packeta is available in Hungary now, and we automated the checkout process and cash on delivery.

Unique product description

We developed a unique product description and design for the Shopify store.

Unique pages

We created a custom page based on the product ingredients, and we visualised the effects of the superfood products.

Blog migration

We migrated our client's existing WordPress-based blog to Shopify.

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