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Launch your Shopify store in 3 weeks

Choose our Shopify Starter service to become a professional web store owner in a few weeks.

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Widespread and reliable technology for both small and large companies

An important criterion when starting an online store is that it is up-to-date in the future, you can always serve your customers in the most modern way possible. Shopify is at the forefront of this, as its development team is constantly providing store owners with the latest technologies. Therefore, it is not surprising that hundreds of thousands of businesses use Shopify.

Shopify has plenty of built-in useful features to expect from a modern and well-functioning store. Thanks to this and the fast development time, it rivals unite systems. It is also a great advantage that after the existence of a simple online store, it can be expanded and developed easily, also in a short time.

Shopify Starter: launch an online store in a few weeks

When creating a new web store, in addition to technology, quick introduction is also an important aspect. While a custom-developed system is time and cost intensive, Shopify offers a much more cost-effective solution with shorter development deadlines if development is done in expert hands. The Digiloop development team has an official Shopify Expert certification, which no one else in Hungary can boast of. That's why we, as Shopify experts, can provide your business with solutions that will allow you to start your online store in a few weeks.


The most important of these are:


Shopify has plenty of useful templates from which we can help you choose the one that best suits your needs. And our team of experts tailors it to your existing corporate image.


We are developing Shopify extensions tailored to domestic needs. This allows individual needs to be covered more widely with turnkey solutions. When you start a Shopify store, we deliver the most important and useful modules ready for use.

Useful articles

As the only Shopify expert in Hungary, we consider it our mission that Hungarian companies use their existing Shopify store as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we are constantly updating our blog with more useful than useful professional writings from the world of e-commerce.

What can you expect if you choose our Shopify Starter package?

Week 1

Preparing the project and modifying the basic template with the image elements

Week 2

Initial content settings

Week 3

Transfer of knowledge, education

launch shopify web store

There are no surprises

The short development time is also due to the fact that you can access your upcoming online store from the very beginning, so you can constantly review and try it out. Therefore, without interrupting the development, we can continuously improve your store in response to your feedback.

If custom improvements are also required

The base system has a lot of features, but not infinity. Starting an online store often involves meeting unique, company-specific needs. If this occurs, we recommend another development package to suit your individual needs.

launch shopify web store

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