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Shopify GLS CsomagPont integration

When shopping in your Shopify store, your customers can choose other pick-up options in addition to home delivery with the GLS CsomagPont. This makes it easier and faster for them to access their ordered products. They do not need to order packages at home or at work.

GLS CsomagPont integration solutions

With a basic Shopify subscription, it is not possible to integrate any package points on the checkout and cart page. On the other hand, with the development of an expert, the GLS CsomagPont service can also be easily integrated into the shopping cart page for stores with a basic Shopify subscription. The GLS PackagePoint integration depends on the Shopify template, each online store has a unique code as no two topics are the same. Checkout integration is only possible with a Shopify Plus subscription.

Advantages of package points

If you offer a delivery service that allows you to reach your customers anywhere and anytime, you will gain more customers, as people prefer to order from a online store where they can get their package according to their convenience.

gls packet point integration

Find our application in the Shopify App Store!

GLS integration to your Shopify online store easily! Download the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery application for the following benefits:

  • Interactive, customizable map of pickup points on Cart page
  • Showing the nearest pickup points at Checkout
  • Home delivery, printing shipping labels and notes, and tracking of orders on Shopify
  • Compatible with Webshippy, iLogistic, and Boxy

Why is GLS CsomagPont useful in Hungary?

Package points available to your customers from early morning to late evening

Several package points with multi-day pick-up time

SMS and e-mail notification to your customers about the availability

gls types

GLS CsomagPont types

GLS CsomagPont can be found in various stores across the country. These can be grocery stores, bookstores, GSM shops, internet cafes, solarium salons, stationery, bicycle shops, etc. Each is located in a busy, easily accessible location, where your customers are more likely to frequently visit you for other purposes on a day-to-day basis, so you can link your purchasing and administration to your pickup.


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