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SugarbirdShopify Plus store

The team of Sugarbird, a premium women's fashion brand with a significant international presence, wanted to take their online presence to the next level. In addition to the WordPress-Shopify migration, we also carried out the synchronization of products, the automation of various processes, the creation of several Shopify Plus webstores in different languages and the development of a unique country and language selection function.

WordPress migration

We moved the existing WordPress store to the Shopify platform due to instability.

Product Synchronization

We have completed the synchronization of stock data between the physical and online stores.

Data migration

Following the request of our customer, we also migrated the user and order data to the Shopify Plus store.


We have automated the checkout process and cash on delivery management for ease of use.

Shopify Plus Store

We have created more Shopify Plus stores. One in English, and one in Hungarian for Sugarbird.

Country and Language selector

We have developed a custom country and language selector interface that makes the conversion between Shopify stores both automatic and optional.


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