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PC ArénaShopify store

The team at PC Aréna, a company that sells used premium computers and laptops, approached us to customize their Shopify store and add extra features. Building the Cetelem credit calculator into their online store, customizing the comparison page, and data migration are just a few of the enhancements we have completed. More exciting details below!


Cetelem credit calculator

We have integrated the Cetelem credit calculator into the Shopify online store by making the appropriate settings.

Comparison site

We set up a comparison page in the Shopify store and customized it according to your needs.

Data migration

We have completed the migration of the Blog and FAQ pages as requested by the client.

Product Upload

We've done bulk product uploads, set up custom filters, and built product and specification pages by category.


Order confirmation page, customize confirmation emails and display additional custom content.

Customizing products

We customized the products according to our client's request and provided them with the possibility of expansion.

Product updates

Upload new products and automatically update them based on price and stock from the received, constantly updating product datafeed file.

"Árukereső" feed

According to our client's request, we generate the "Árukereső" feed with the new products.

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