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KarasnaShopify store

Karasna, a distributor of Honda motorcycles, approached us with a request to replace their current website with a much more complex website, where not only services and news would be found, but also operated as a online store. In accordance with their ideas, we created a completely unique-looking Shopify store, translated into Hungarian, where, in addition to the products that can be purchased online, services and news also played a role. We also performed FOXPOST integration for the customer to reach as many customers as possible with the products provided by their online store.

karasna shopfy webshop

FOXPOST integration

At the request of the client, we have integrated the FOXPOST service into the Shopify store in order to be able to serve as many delivery options as possible to our customers.

Product migration

We moved the product data from the old Karasna website to the new Shopify webshop.

Unique theme

We have created a completely customized Shopify theme to suit your needs.


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